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At some point every Kansas City homeowner will need the services of a skilled electrician. Whether it’s from damage, regular use or lack of maintenance, the licensed electricians at iWire Electric Service will diagnose the problem and make the proper repairs. There are plenty of other issues a homeowner can tackle on their own but electricity needs to be handled by a licensed professional Kansas City Electrician. Ensure your home stays safe and comfortable, give us a call today!


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As a small company we keep our overhead expenses to a minimum, allowing us to pass those savings on to our customers. In addition to our competitive pricing, we accept all major credit cards including PayPal. Call us at (913)662-1174 to schedule your Kansas City Electrician today!



At iWire Electric Service our Kansas City Electricians strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism. When we come to your home or place of business we will be clean, polite and respectful. Our goal is to treat your project as if it were our own.



Like I mentioned earlier, we are a small company which means we have a reputation to build. When you hire us for a project, you better believe it will be done right, on time and within budget. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. If you are looking for an Electrician in Kansas City, give us a call today! (913)662-1174


Times are tough. It’s all too easy to hire the cheapest electrician you can find, but do you really want to risk your family’s safety and financial security to save a few dollars? I can tell you from my experience, if you don’t have many years in the electrical trade, there’s no way you will pass the Masters Exam. By verifying a contractor’s license, you are verifying that he or she has a Master License and has the proper training. There’s no shortage of people out there that claim to be an electrician but don’t know the first thing about what it takes to install a safe, reliable electrical system. Trust me I know, I have repaired their work. Another problem with hiring an unlicensed electrician is their lack of insurance. The last thing you want is an uninsured electrician in your house. If one of their workers were to get injured on your property and they don’t carry workman’s compensation, you could be held liable for their medical bills. Hiring unlicensed, uninsured electricians is a recipe for disaster. You can verify our license by clicking here and searching for us under Electrical Contractor Class I.




Finding the right electrician may be the hardest part of a home renovation. There’s no shortage of unskilled, untrained people out there. It’s far too easy to hide substandard work inside a wall, floor or ceiling especially if the homeowner doesn’t know what they are looking for. Like I mentioned before, verifying an electrician’s license is the single most important thing you can do. If someone is serious enough to obtain the license and insurance required by the city, more than likely they have the skills and experience to do the job right. I personally have 15 years in the electrical trade. The first five years were as an apprentice going to school in the evenings along with on-the-job training during the day. I was a journeyman electrician for seven years before I took the Masters exam and decided to start my own company. I have the skills and experience to handle any electrical project you may have.




Lighting is one of the key elements that helps make your house a home. The proper lighting enables you to perform tasks easily, makes you feel safer and more comfortable, and allows you to enjoy your home at its full potential. Each room, however, has specific and unique general and accent lighting needs. Give us a call at (913)662-1174 to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE!



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