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Welcome to iWire Electric Service: a Shawnee Electrician

Shawnee electricianWelcome to iWire Electric Service, your reliable Shawnee electrician! We are a locally owned and operated electrical company that provides both residential and commercial electrical services. Our team is made up of licensed Shawnee electricians and master electrical contractors, ensuring you get nothing but the best when you contact us for electrical installations and repairs.

As a small, local company, we keep our pricing reasonable regardless of the size of your project. From commercial electrical wiring installations to simple ceiling fan installation for homeowners, we take pride in our work and our team is dedicated to providing superior quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service for every project.

iWire Electric Service offers a full range of electrical services including lighting installation, landscape lighting, security lighting, electrical repairs, electrical wiring, rewiring homes with aluminum wiring, conducting electrical safety inspections, panel upgrades and much more. Contact us today to learn more about your Shawnee electrician and the services we provide. We look forward to adding you to our ever growing base of satisfied customers in Shawnee!


Shawnee Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can improve the curb appeal of your Shawnee home or business in brilliant ways. You’ll be amazed at the work our Shawnee landscape lighting experts can do to make your property looking beautiful at night. From highlighting architectural features to showcasing gardens and other landscaping features with skillfully placed outdoor lights, our Shawnee landscape lighting services will illuminate your outdoor spaces to great effect.

Our Shawnee landscape lighting installations also serve as an excellent way to increase security, protecting your home or business by deterring intruders. We have a variety of outdoor lighting solutions available, including security lighting and low voltage lighting options that we can incorporate into your landscape lighting design. Contact us today to learn more.

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Shawnee Electrical Repairs

Improper wiring can be very dangerous and can lead to fires, putting everyone at risk. This is why it is important to seek the assistance of a professional Shawnee electrician any time your home or business is in need of electrical repairs, especially those that involve electrical wiring.

Most people think that you only need a licensed Shawnee electrician when you are constructing a new home or building, but this is simply not the case. In fact, if you have anything in your home that has to do with electricity and it needs to be repaired, it is far better to call in an electrician for Shawnee electrical repairs than to attempt to fix the problem yourself. If you make a mistake while trying to fix your own wiring and the like, such an error can lead to extensive damages to your electrical system, your home, and – quite possibly – yourself. So when it comes time for Shawnee electrical repairs or to upgrade the wiring in your home, be certain to contact a qualified electrician to take care of the task. If you have a professional electrical contractor that knows all the ins and outs of installing electrical wiring and fixing various electrical components, you are far better off then if you attempt such things on your own.

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