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iWire Electric Service is a professional Electrical Contractor that provides a variety of residential electrical services. Our residential electrical services include lighting installation and repairs, electrical repairs, electrical wiring, electrical safety inspections, electrical service panel upgrades, surge protection, and more.

Electrical Services We Provide:

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Lawrence Aluminum WiringIf your home was built between the 1960s and late 1970s, the electrical wiring used for the electrical system is most likely aluminum. Aluminum wiring is no longer used in home construction today as it is a fire hazard, especially where the wires make connections to the various components of your electrical system. At iWire Electric Service we offer complete home rewiring services and aluminum wiring replacements for your peace of mind and electrical safety […] Read More

Electrical Safety Inspections

Lawrence electrical safety inspectionEnsure your home’s electrical system follows the current electrical code standards and is not a cause for concern by scheduling electrical safety inspections regularly. At iWire Electric Service our professional electricians conduct a thorough analysis of your home’s electrical system, from outlets and switches to electrical wires and circuit breakers, ensuring your home is safe. Electrical safety inspections do more than provide peace of mind – they ensure problems with your electrical system are caught early, preventing costly repairs later […] Read More

Electrical Wiring

Lawrence electrical wiringAt iWire Electric Service we have years of experience providing quality electrical installations. We are experts when it comes to installing and repairing electrical wiring. You can rest assured that our electricians are trained and qualified, and the type of professionals you can feel comfortable with having in your home. Superior quality craftsmanship and exceptional electrical work is what we strive to provide our clients, and since we are a small, local company, our goal is also to provide reasonable pricing […]Read More

Electrical Repairs

Lawrence electrical repairsFrom troubleshooting electrical outlets to installing ceiling fans, iWire Electric Service is your source for quality electrical repairs. Our team of electricians have experience solving a variety of electrical problems and our dedication to customer service as well as our reasonable pricing keeps our clients coming back again and again anytime they need electrical repairs. Some of our electrical repair work includes ceiling fan installation, outlet repairs, lighting repairs, GFIs and troubleshooting […] Read More


Lawrence lightingiWire Electric Service provide a variety of lighting installation services including landscape lighting, interior lighting, security lighting and low voltage lighting solutions. Whether you are building a new home, a home addition, or your remodeling project involves changing your home’s lighting design, our team of professional electrical contractors can take care of all your lighting installation needs […] Read More

Panel Upgrades

Lawrence panel upgradesIf you have recently done some remodeling to your home or have replaced old appliances with newer models, you may be due for an electrical panel upgrade. This is especially true for older homes as their electrical panels were not built with today’s electrical demands in mind. Older electrical panels don’t have the same power as today’s service panels, and may cause issues such as flickering lights and random power outages because they cannot handle the electricity demands being made by lights, appliances, entertainment devices and etc. […] Read More

Surge Protection

Lawrence surge protectionProtect your appliances and other electrical devices with whole house surge protection. At iWire Electrical Service we can ensure you don’t end up paying hundreds of dollars replacing computers, TVs, appliances and other electrical devices because they were fried during a power surge. Surge protection devices can protect your electrical devices from lightening as well as random spikes of electricity caused inside your home […]Read More

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